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When I started my internship as a UX Intern this summer, I immediately knew that it'd be one to remember. As the end approached, I began to think of a way to save all the memories. I could make a collage of pictures, but it wouldn't really capture all the little things I did or the inside jokes with the awesome people around the office (bathtub). So, I thought why not make a poster of icons chronicling all of the weird and crazy things I have done... to remember the greatest summer of all time?

I would go in-depth into each of these, but that would take up way too much time, and I would butcher every story as I tend to do (just ask Alain). A lot of these icons represent lessons that I have learned while I was here at Carrot. For instance, I found out that going out with Carrots sometimes means waking up full of pizza sleeping in a bathtub. Or they just represent eating enough pizza to feed all of Brooklyn and walking 15+ miles a day on the weekends through Manhattan.

While putting this together, I thought about all of the people that have influenced me this summer. From going out with the team my first friday night in Brooklyn to making embarrassing GIFs of everyone around the office to even taking awful selfie pics with Tim Sweeney at welcome drinks (no worries, we're BFF's), everyone here has made an impact on me. I can't even explain how fortunate and happy I am to have been a part of the Carrot family, if only for a little while.

When I got my email from Carrot offering me the internship, Steve wrote, "Get ready for the best summer of your life!" I can honestly say that being here has not only been the best summer of my life, but it has been the best experience I have ever had. Thank you to everyone for making this not just an internship but also a life-changing experience.

I will be hiding under my desk so no one takes me back to school. Of course, I'm ending my time here with a Pixar Gif.

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