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It was only my second day at Carrot, and the entire office of 100+ people was already loudly chanting my name in unison.


Seriously, a guy could really get used to that. I’m pretty sure throughout all of history, that’s only ever happened for me and Rocky Balboa.

So why was everyone chanting my name in unison?

Because, that’s one of Carrot’s many new hire rituals. You get to lead the entire office in a chant, whatever chant you’d like (and I selfishly stole the moment from my fellow first-day Carrot Antonio - sorry man!). I must’ve sensed this was literally my only opportunity to feel like Rocky and jumped at it.

Why does Carrot do this? Well, if you’ve read any of the previous welcome blog posts, then you’ve probably already gathered that Carrot’s a different kind of place. (Oh, and did I mention that on my 5th day, I was chugging a root beer in front of the entire office while dressed as a banana? Yes, that happened. No, I regret nothing.)

Sure, like other agencies, we have demanding clients. We have deadlines and deliverables. We have meetings and timesheets and expense reports.

But, the difference at Carrot, is that everyone seems to really enjoy what they do. I’m only one week in, and I feel more empowered and involved than I ever did at any of my previous jobs. There’s a special kind of energy when you walk through the door, and it comes from the top down. When I was hired, Mike, Ryan and Adam all made one thing explicitly clear to me: As an agency, our goal is to make our clients a little uncomfortable. No, not by showing up to meetings pantless (although...for an underwear brand...maybe...oh, what’s that you say? Illegal? Indecent exposure?). Okay fine. The way we’ll do it is by presenting absurdly creative, yet strategically sound ideas.

So if you’re smart, driven, want to do good work, are a fan of chanting and other fun stuff - and more importantly, if you want to be surrounded by 100+ other people who are exactly the same type of crazy - then drop by Dumbo and say hello. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be chanting your name too (although I’d reallllly prefer if that stayed a me and Rocky’ll let me have that right?)

Asif joins us from Lowe Profero as our new Director of Strategy.