The Carrot Blog

Andrew joins us as a ux designer. Prior to Carrot, he was designer/developer for Atlantic Records.

I'm perpetually on the outside looking in; so imagine my horror when asked repeatedly to share my own experience of joining the team here at Carrot. GASP. Over the years, I have trained my brain to be in other people's shoes. I'm guessing it is most likely because of my rural religious upbringing. Or, maybe it was my years as a struggling artist. Either way, I'm constantly digesting the things I experience through the lens of someone else.

So, with that in mind, let me make a few assumptions about you, dear reader. You are most likely an employee of Carrot, someone who loves Carrot, someone who is thinking of applying here, or someone who randomly landed on this page by blindly clicking and/or typing on a device of some kind. Let me tell you this: You are in a wonderful place; for in the pages of this incredibly fast, static html website, you will find the fruits of a brilliant group of individuals who work harder than any group of people I have ever come across. It is a strange feeling to actually want to come to work.

The big question I asked myself before becoming a Carrot is why I should work for a company at all. I spent years freelancing, and seemed to be doing ok with that. What I have quickly learned over the last month or so is that when a group of like-minded people band together, they make up for each other's inadequacies and can can create something really important.

It is also pretty great to get creepy with an entire roomful of weirdos on a daily basis.