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Amanda joins Carrot as our newest Strategist. Send her a friendly tweet to say hello: @AmandaKRue

It was exactly 1,257 days from when I first tweeted Mike Germano to when I started my first day at Carrot Creative. If you're counting, that's 3 years, 5 months and 11 days. At the time he was looking to hire "that one Killer Account Rep/Rainmaker" that was young and savvy in social media. I knew I would have been a great fit, but the timing was all wrong. I had just been accepted to grad school at the VCU Brandcenter, and was already planning on uprooting my life in Wilmington, NC where I was an account executive at a small digital agency.

As one of the first Carrot Creative "fan-boys," I followed their work, knew how they got started and would follow the employees via Twitter. I kept a watchful eye, would tweet at them occasionally and showed a genuine interest in the success of their company. Eventually I found myself in New York and attended a Digital DUMBO event. The faces I had only seen through an avatar finally became familiar, and the girl from Virginia finally had a face and a personality behind the veil of a Twitter handle.

Even though I continued to express an interest in Carrot, timing was still never right. After the Brandcenter, I took off again and headed to the wild-wild-west to what is commonly referred to as "La-La-Land." While in Los Angeles I enjoyed $5 burrito trucks (which are painfully difficult to find in NYC) and dove head first into the world of luxury automobiles. At the time, I had no idea why my life path took me to L.A. or why I was learning more about luxury autos than I ever thought I would, but, as always, things have a way of working themselves out.

Just when I had started to come to grips with the fact that my path may never lead to Carrot, the timing was finally right. My persistence and determination to just keep doing the next right thing lead me right to the place I've always wanted to be. This time around I'm a little smarter, a little more experienced and still full of the grit it takes to work at this amazing place called Carrot Creative.

Throughout the last three and a half years, I was totally myself in every interaction with this company. I was unapologetic and rebellious. It's the kind of mentality that is celebrated here and makes Carrot the greatest company to work for in the world. I'm excited my adventure has finally led me here, and I'm ready for all that's in store.

Timing really is everything, and this was well worth the wait.