The Carrot Blog

Once upon a time I had a revelation underneath the desk of my previous employer. As I was wondering why my PC wouldn’t turn on and of-course pondering life, I realized that I wasn’t happy where I was going in my career. I felt a lack of challenge and inspiration from my environment as well as from my peers. I was also under my desk. It finally hit me that I had plateaued, and instead of sitting here (still under my desk) and being really upset about it, I knew that I was the only one who had the power to make a change and get up.

I finally came up from under there, as a new person on a mission. I was on a mission to find a place where I can learn and grow mentally with a group of passionate and highly educated people who wouldn’t judge me for my weird antics but who would inspire me. As I sat at my desk, extremely high off life, I then realized that I had no idea where to start, or if it was even possible.

I searched and searched and went on nearly a hundred of interviews that either led me nowhere, or weren’t the right fit. I started to get discouraged and it was even present in my personal life. It was affecting me and it was kind of scary. I started to think that I would be stuck at where I was at FOOOREVVVERRR. I consulted a few friends that were also struggling in the industry of Retouching/Graphic Design and that’s when I first heard the name Carrot.

“Carrot you say? What’s that?” I asked. My friend soon replied by giving me an extensive history lesson about the company - how it was founded, what it represents and how it is probably one of the best places to work in NYC. Now I’m from NYC and I never heard of ‘Carrot’ and I was blown away, my first reaction was how the hell do you know so much about this place?! He went on to tell me that his father use to work there and how he spent a lot of time at the company. I remember he was going on and on about how amazing the company was and there was a point where I zoned him out and started imagining my perfect dream job again, filled with hundred of creative weirdo’s that were inspiring and unique and how we would take over the world. It was then clear, I was dreaming about Carrot.

I went home that night and pretty much stalked every platform Carrot had to offer, searching their website to see if they had any openings that would be of some fit for me. And there it finally was, Jr. Photo Retouch in shiny white lights. I immediately applied, I think twice actually (one for good luck obviously) and periodically checked my email for days waiting and waiting to get a reply! Eventually I did. I had a few phone calls and even landed an interview where I met with everyone and took a tour of the place. I remember that was the day when I was blown away. Everything was perfect, and just like I imagined, I knew I was home.

After having an amazing interview experience I went home that day feeling alive. Around 2 or 3 days later I received a phone call, but it wasn’t the phone call that I was hoping for. It was actually a phone call from another place that I had interviewed at which was my second choice to Carrot. Now this was the point in 2015 where I faced the biggest dilemma of my life. WHAT DO I DO? Do I take this job in hopes that it’s everything that I imagined; do I hope it’s anything close to being Carrot? Well as the story goes, I actually took the job and I was miserable. I believe it was my second day there and I cried. It was literally the opposite of my dream, a nightmare actually! It was filled with everything that I didn’t want, and I knew I made a huge huge, HUGE mistake. So day 7 of working at my nightmare, I was sitting at my desk, pondering life again while thinking about Carrot. “Should I send them another follow up email? This would be the second one, I really don’t want to be annoying” Ironically enough my phone rang and then immediately died. Seriously?! What are the odds of that? – this is my life. So I charged it and when it turned on I had a voicemail. It was Carrot. CARROT!!! CARROT left ME a voicemail asking ME to call them back. I was ecstatic, extremely nervous and had no idea what to think. So I ran out of there, I remember It was raining when I called back and I was walking back to the E train on 23rd street. The person who picked up was Jay, who I had met on the interview a while back. I can’t remember exactly how he put it, but he offered me the Jr. Retoucher position and I literally died. Yes, I died. I’m pretty sure that was the happiest moment of 2015 and of my life. Literally my dream came true, and even better Carrot saved me from my nightmare.

Now flash forward to 4 months later. Here I am sitting at my desk (no longer under it) at Carrot Creative amongst a sea of creative, intelligent, weird, inspiring, intuitive, imaginative, exciting, people. I’ve never had the feels about a job before, and I experience it every day when I walk through those doors at Carrot. It’s not just about where I work, or who I work with it’s the fact that I am apart of something incredible. I believe that dreams do come true, and anything that you can stir up in your brain is possible, and to be able to experience that with a company that believes in YOU is beyond words, it’s Carrot.