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We've effectively crossed off three things from the Carrot's needs list, all with the hiring of one very bright man.

First, we've fulfilled our beard quota. It's not that we Carrot men can't grow facial hair (on the contrary; last year we raised over $600 sprouting mustaches to knock out cancer)'s just that many of us can't quite pull the look off without resembling a mythic beast of the northern woods.

Second, we kept our promise to continue hiring people with a sense of humor. Last month, Mashable's Lauren Indvik wrote an article about tips for job seekers, whereupon Carrot included a story about a gentleman who submitted his resume on a thumb drive...which included a folder entitled "Porn". Curiosity got the best of me (come on...I'm a guy), and upon opening it, there was a Word Doc called "Just Kidding". On top of that, he has been to every Carrot event, engaged with everyone (from the intern to the CEO) on Twitter and always went out of his way to keep abreast of things going on in the industry that we may find useful.

Third, we needed a consummate, articulate and creative mind to run the production side of things. A guy who could take a complex, overseas client like Full Tilt Poker, get all the pieces in the right place and make sure the project runs smoothly. Someone we could trust representing the Carrot brand, with the right personality and a mind that may do things unconventionally, but with chutzpah.

We found all that in Adam Katzenback, Carrot's new Lead Producer. I already had a soft spot for him, considering he was born and raised in New Jersey...but then it went overboard when I heard he graduated Suma Cum Laude from Marist College in Poughkeepsie (where @angrygirlfriend also graduated). He started his career as an AE at Rosetta, but was promoted to SAE within a year. He comes to us now from Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners, where he worked as an AE on Capital One. He plays a mean air guitar, can't seem to get enough of burritos, and has some international experience spending a summer in Australia.

Welcome to the madhouse Adam. You've passed the first test by dominating the team at Mario Cart, but now let's see if you can keep up with us on the business end.