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I think it's safe to say the sports world is changing. Scratch that, IT IS safe to say. Just take a look at what's happened in the NBA the past couple of weeks:

Whether it was Kevin Love breaking news or Shaq hearing he'd been traded on Twitter (and then singing about it), the fact is social media is changing this landscape. More and more NBA players are signing up for Twitter everyday, connecting with their fans and building actual relationships with them – no Traditional Media outlets involved.

Twitter alone has gotten so popular among NBA players and teams that David Stern even warned teams not to disclose draft picks on Twitter before the official announcements at the 2009 NBA Draft.

Side note: Thanks to our good friends in the NBDL, Kyle and I were in attendance at the Draft. We had a great time hanging with the guys from HHReynolds, The Sports Hernia and Project Spurs. Speaking of which, here's a quick video of Kyle screaming at Hasheem Thabeet with some UCONN love.

Anyway, my point here is simple: Social media is truly changing the sports world. By choice, athletes are more accessible, and that makes being a fan more fun. Executed correctly, a social media strategy allows a player, team, or league to expand their reach and provide fans with an enriched experience. It's a win-win for everyone involved and it is enhancing fandom as we know it.

This is what Carrot loves about the social web and it's exactly why we're entrenched in sports.