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This week, Katy Perry premiered her latest music video for the song "Wide Awake" and it's a veritable homage to Facebook. The music video is in the style of popular YouTube-esque lyric videos so fans can easily learn the words and sing along. But that's not what's so interesting about the release... after all, Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" took these lyric videos mainstream long ago.

But here's what really interests me — the video's only narrative is that of Katy Perry's professional life on Facebook over the past two years. Featuring Facebook's new Timeline layout in a way pretty unexplored to this point, the video kicks off with Katy's Facebook post from May 10, 2010 (announcing the release date for her album Teenage Dream) and goes all the way up to April 2, 2012. The video features different mediums of Facebook posts that includes status updates, music videos, magazine covers, and posts from Katy herself.

The video is an epic reward for Katy's 40 million Facebook fans, and stands out as one of the first in-product adaptations of the Facebook platform, featuring the Facebook Like, comment, and share counts for every single post featured in the video. To put it simply, the video is a brilliant advertisement for Facebook's Timeline.

And, as if this post didn't reveal my deep, dark secret before.... I'm a pop music addict. Deal with it.