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At Carrot Creative, we choose to work with brands we truly believe in, creating the absolute best digital representation of our clients products and of ourselves. Brands need to understand how powerful it is to have these "brand evangelists" reppin' them (aside from the agency partnerships). More importantly, they need to know how to reach these consumers who can build a more visceral connection to the brand using social media.

One way is the "free stuff" method. You may have noticed the influx of brands offering contests or free samples on Twitter. They're interacting with people on Twitter to use/engage with their products. Here are some examples:

  • Our designer Steve Badowski had a "late night out" (take that as you want to) with the Carrot team. The next morning we talked about our love for cocunut water and how it cures a small hangover and decided to tweet about it. O.N.E Coconut responded to Steve's tweet and sent us a free box of 12! (Thank you!)
  • @thegingerpeople were offering free samples of their new ginger candy online. I simply followed up on their tweet with an email and Boo-ya! ginger candy is coming my way.
  • Last week Orbitz offered free tickets under the following promotional tweet: "We're giving away a free airline ticket today! FOLLOW @Orbitz & RT this message to be eligible to win" By re-tweeting (RT) this post, you were automatically entered into a free airfare raffle. The intent of a contest like this is to increase followers and bring Orbitz's Twitter Community that much closer to the brand. Not to mention, that by engaging with Twitter's audience these brands are getting "props" from the social media pundits.

By offering free products, these brands are playing out Chris Anderson's Long Tail Theory of selling more for less in exchange for greater reach and frequency. As a consumer, this was a totally awesome experience because I got the chance to speak directly to the brand. By creating relationships with these brands I become more likely to support future products. and my followers will also see my tweet becoming fans as well because they trust my judgment. (It all comes down to trust... right marketers?)

By enabling social media and using the long-tail theory the brand is giving the consumer more options to engage with the product. Soooooo, maybe we should start handing out free carrots?

Do you have another example of the free stuff method on Twitter? Feel free to leave it in the comments or share it on Twitter @carrotcreative.