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You know those classes in school where you'd just memorize the material for the sake of the test and then forget it the next day? Well recently, I've found myself having a renewed interest in subjects that I paid less attention to back in college. So this year, I'm committed to revisiting these subjects.

I've listed out some ways I'm looking to exercise the mind more in 2014. And because Carrot is full of self-motivated, curious individuals, I figured I'd let you in on a few other courses Carrots are taking this year.


We've seen a boom in free online education resources in the past two years, and Coursera is one of the best. I've been watching them since they launched, and it's amazing to see what course offerings are now available. This year, I'm enrolled in Business Strategy and hoping to take Corporate Finance as well.


I got hooked on Duolingo last year when I needed to learn some French for a client. Last year I took this in-person French class (it was great), but Duolingo is a more interactive and accessible way to learn a new language. This year I'll be building on the French I learned last year so I can beat Emily (the site is also a game).


So this one's not technically a class, but it's something I've added to my daily routine to stay current on trends and politics. It started with "Stuff You Should Know" podcasts (this one on Bitcoin is great) and now I find myself addicted to the Monocle 24: Midori House podcast. Each episode features a guest specializing in a region of the world and runs through the global news headlines. It's great, give it a listen.

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  "I'm interested in taking [this course]( at General Assembly on how to avoid vanity metrics while creating a sustainable marketing strategy. I'm happy that GA is starting to diversify some of their offerings from mostly immersive development programs to some one-off, relevant and inexpensive classes on sustainable engagement and social media. Also, this will be the first GA class I've taken that has a female instructor! That's something I want to support, and see much more of in 2014."
cite Sarah

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  "I'll be taking [these]( Ruby courses through Code School.

  My coding skills may never be impressive but I'd like to be able to work better with devs."
cite Rikin

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  "I'm finishing up this [HTML and CSS]( class via Skillshare. This class helped me, a person with no prior web development experience, learn how basic html and css code works and build a website from scratch. I now understand how code translates in a web browser. Jon, the guy who teaches it, explains the concepts very well and thoroughly. The course is a bargain at $40. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in web development. []("
cite Trani

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  "I'm really interested in hand-lettering so I took a course on Skillshare taught by Sean McCabe, one of the typographers that I really look up to. I'm hoping to take some Noble Desktop online courses this year to brush up on my photoshop skills

  I'm also continuing to use Duolingo for French and taking some [Noble Desktop]( classes."
cite Emily

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  "I'm basically in love with that Skillshare site, I can sift through it for ages checking out all the awesome classes they have to offer. The best thing about it is the quality of the industry professionals you're learning from and that you get direct and collaborative feedback from the tutor and your classmates just like a real design classroom environment. They've got some big names on there like Jessica Hische and Jon Contino for hand-lettering and typography nerds like myself... And they're insanely cheap for the standard of learning and professional advice you get."

  One I just enrolled in: [Basic Geometric Shapes - Illustrate a Series of Icons or Badges](

  One that starts in Feb that I'm enrolled in: [Intro to Color Theory and Emotion](

  Next on the list: [The First Steps of Hand Lettering Concept to Sketch Lettering]("
cite Ben

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  "I did [Khan Academy's]( entire ["economics + finance"]( video series and now I'm starting to move up into math."
cite Kyle

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  _While he's not taking any courses this year, Jeff's spends a lot of his free time as an instructor and a mentor at [Thinkful](

  "I like teaching because it's a challenge. It's not just figuring out how _whatever_ I'm teaching works thoroughly, it's also figuring out how _whoever_ I'm teaching works. I love the work I do, and if I can inspire the same love even in just a few people, it's super gratifying. I guess it's all about working hard to spread the love.

  At [thinkful](, essentially I'm paired with students over a period of a couple months that they are enrolled in the course. The students work through a thinkful-provided curriculum, and meet with their mentors once a week to discuss progress, review code, and work through parts that they are not totally sure about. This type of learning is super effective, because without someone to guide you through issues, it's really easy to get stuck and hung up when you are first learning and not be able to continue progressing."
cite Jeff

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