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At Carrot, we’re lucky enough to work with not only notable brands and organizations, but ones that make a considerable impact in the world we live in as well. Malala Fund is exactly one of those clients. Since beginning our work with the organization, it has been an overwhelmingly satisfying experience. Understanding what that means exactly means understanding what the Malala Fund does.

Nothing articulates the impact the Malala Fund makes on this world better than the organization's mission statement:

“The mission of Malala Fund is to empower adolescent girls through quality education, enabling them to achieve their full potential and be agents of positive change.”

We’re talking about helping the most underserved demographics in the most high-risk parts of the world. All driven by a 17-year-old girl, Malala Yousafzai.

You’re probably most familiar with Malala because of her heroic stance against the Taliban to fight for her own education or her resulting Nobel Peace Prize, but what many don’t know is that she’s actually fighting for change for girls all over the world, every day, through the Malala Fund.

Each year on Malala’s birthday, July 12th, people all over the world celebrate Malala Day and join in on the Malala Fund mission. This year, for Malala’s 18th birthday, she’s asking everyone to show their support as she asks world leaders to commit to providing free education for up to 12 years for all children everywhere.

You can help make a difference by submitting a picture of yourself (on Twitter or Instagram) with your favorite book explaining why you think world leaders should choose #BooksNotBullets. On Malala Day, Malala herself will use all of our submissions to show world leaders just how many people are asking for their commitment.

Now, we need your help because of the shocking truth: if the whole world stopped its military spending for just eight days, we could have the $39 billion still needed to provide 12 years of free, quality education to every out-of-school child on the planet.

You’re probably reading this because you’re part of the Carrot family in some way, so you know that at Carrot we care about a lot of things… and we like to talk about those things, a lot. However, it’s not too often that any of those things are as important as a quality education for all children throughout the world.

We ask that you join us in choosing #BooksNotBullets for Malala Day because together we actually can help stop this infringement on human rights and improve the lives of girls everywhere.