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The social media team behind Netflix's House of Cards Season 2 preview campaign gets it. They treat each platform differently to satiate the needs of each platform's audience using:

This is a great example of a brand committing to a campaign across so many different platforms. All of the content looks and feels like House of Cards, but is tailored for each platform. It's consistent too, making it easier for fans to digest.

House of Cards sets the bar for cross-platform campaigns with its Season 2 preview. A few of my favorite examples below:


No doubt about it, this image stands out in the news feed. The powerful, concise quote overlaid pairs with the picture nicely, making it click with viewers.


No sound needed, good lighting and a great capture of a gesture that builds excitement. House of Cards also uses IG video to reveal trailer videos.


Classic Underwood. Just one of many highly shareable GIFs featured on its Tumblr. The Tumblr's homepage design features an awesome GIF version of the Series 2 cover, and nothing else but a feed of posts. Lots of moving parts, but subtle enough so it's not distracting.




While the Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr accounts generally stick to about one post a day, the House of Cards Twitter feed ramps up the cadence with more content and RT's of reviews and entertaining fan commentary. This popular image was shared on other channels, but each version is optimized with proper dimensions -- a small, but effective adjustment to make fans' experience as easy as possible.

It will be especially interesting to see how Netflix manages its social channels after Valentine's Day (2.14.14), when all Season 2 episodes become available. Maybe a brief hiatus to let fans watch at their own pace? Spoiler alerts? > >