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I received an email from Johnnie Walker (I'm a member of "The Striding Man Society" that offers some really great events for tastings of the brand-if you get the chance, go!) I get emails from them ever so often about new events or promotions and click on them at leisure to see if anything fun is coming up. This email today was different. They were letting me know that Johnnie Walker has created a Facebook Fan Page and offered an easy click to become a fan right from the email.

Curious to check it out, I clicked on the "Become a Fan" button which sent me to their custom designed Johnnie Walker Facebook page at Tons of content: videos, photos, promotions, deals. I liked it and I "Became a Fan."

While some may say that the initial email defeats the purpose of engaging with brands in social media through viral tactics, I think Johnnie Walker and team did this well on a variety of levels. Here's why:

  • Design. They designed it with customized tabs and information. It has custom content, it's visually appealing and it provides content their fans want. (A lot of information they already put in their emails)
  • Access. Their fans were on email already so inviting them to join the Facebook Page was a logical step. If they had not sent out the monthly newsletters it would have been a bit weird, but these are people who opted in to getting the emails.
  • Opportunity. You can't advertise on Facebook if you're an alcohol brand. Facebook Fan Pages provide a space to have a unique presence with the community that's attractive to engage with.

What do you think about brands asking you to engage with them on Facebook via email? I asked some people on Twitter what they thought of this and posted the responses below. As you'll see, mixed answers with some strongly disliking and others open to the idea with some limitations. Leave YOUR thoughts in the comments section below.