The Carrot Blog

As a society and culture, we are currently in the 'era of chaos.' This is effecting people, businesses, relationships, economies … each and every day.

For brands and marketers, the goal is the same as it's always been: sell more products than the previous year, and increase customer satisfaction.

In a chaotic climate, it's extremely difficult to gain a consumer's attention, trust and loyalty; especially as trust in institutions, big business and government continues to flail.

Yet, where there is chaos, there are also enormous opportunities.

Throughout time, we've seen that when people are delighted through eye-opening entertainment, they respond with attention and loyalty. Hollywood generates billions of dollars annually due to this fundamental, consistent behavioral truth. Brands can do the same.

Additionally, digital tools offer brands new ways to deliver delight and gain trust that translates to consistent loyalty. Companies like Amazon and Zappos have proven that the right combination of digital and heart equals a type of customer service that guarantees sales and a loyal following.

Understanding how best to harness the opportunities that create this type of consumer entertainment, while also utilizing the right digital tools... with purpose, will be key to a brand's survival.

Welcome to marketing in the era of chaos.