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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend dd:IMPACT, Digital Dumbo's half-day bi-annual conference showcasing digital innovation that fundamentally disrupts, evolves and advances business and culture (Thanks, RG!). This year's theme focused on Groundswell: The Next Wave of Content and featured a breadth of panelists on topics around the next wave of Campaigns, Curators, Storytelling and Media Formats & Platforms.

But it's easy to attend these events. As an attendee you sit there, listen, tweet quotes and enjoy the cocktail networking hour. I have a couple of hours out of the office, and get to enjoy the panels, carefully curated to give the right amount of insight, discussion and conflicting opinions. It's a room full of smart people, doing smart things (all of which make me feel like I should always be hustling harder).

The hard part in attending these events is actually taking all this super smart stuff and regurgitating it back to internal teams and clients. It's the step between the know-how and the doing. This is where the strategist comes in. It's our job to translate; to connect the dots; to concisely articulate all of this into something meaningful.

I could have put together a deck outlining everything I learned at the conference.

Sadly, I didn't put this deck together. Instead I went to Governor's Ball, a 3-day music festival on Randall's Island in NYC, and forgot about advertising, and social media, and everything that keeps me glued to a screen most of the time. I let go, had a couple of beers and enjoyed the music, one artist of which was Kanye.

Somewhere between the haze of the lights, and the aggressive new tracks he debuted, it made sense to me. This was exactly what I would expect a Kanye concert to be, and it plays in effortlessly to his full album launch strategy (much of which happens to align with the core concepts discussed at dd:Impact).

So instead of just providing the key points from the conference, I'm giving you The Book of Yeezus.