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On March 18, 2016 I slept outside on the New York City Street in solidarity to raise money for the homeless youth of Covenant House… for a second time. Since 1972, Covenant House has been available to meet the immediate needs of homeless youth, with a hot meal and a safe bed, and to help them further their education, get a job, and find permanent housing. Covenant House helps these kids step into a brighter future.

As a little backstory, I have been involved in Covenant House since before I was born. My mother worked as a social worker their in the ‘80s. Since then, we always made an effort to volunteer whenever we could. One night while volunteering, I met a man who told me that my mother was the reason he is no longer homeless and the reason he is a successful adult. Right then is when I realized the effect that Covenant House has and from that point forward tried any way I could to give back.

As I sit here and reflect on Friday night, I am showered, fed, and wearing clean clothes, which to some of you seems like a very normal thing. The kids at Covenant house do not have these ordinary things that we take for granted everyday. Throughout the night I tweeted what I felt and how I felt while sleeping on the street for 1 night. Here are some tweets and reflections:

“It was a cold dark night filled with lots of emotions. I cried, multiple times. I slept for about 20min at a time over the course of 5 hours. The sounds of the city kept me up as well as the cold. The concrete on my back caused so much discomfort. As I lay there wide-awake staring at the buildings around me, seeing the hot steam coming off the roofs, people eating in restaurants, I am grateful this is only for one night. How do these kids do it? They have way more resilience and strength then me. I am truly amazed by their courage and bravery. I am so grateful for Covenant House.”