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Welcome to Carrot is Downloading –- a blog series devoted to highlighting applications and services that the extended Carrot family is building, using or being delighted by.

This week, we'd like to tell you about an app called Grid.

grid screenshot

What is it?

Grid's motto describes the apps functionality and utility perfectly, "Grid is where your ideas fit". Grid provides a blank canvas broken up into tiny square cells that can be filled with text, images, a map location, or contacts. You can combine a few of these squares to expand the size of your content and add a handful of styles as well to text.

Grid says that the best uses for the app are to keep projects and plans organized with associated notes, images, and people. One of its most impressive features is collaboration where you can share a grid and see other people adding and interacting with the app in real-time.

Why haven't we deleted it?

Well for one, the app was just released today. Yep, this one is real fresh.

So far so good though. Getting used to the interface took only a minute or two and from there we were dropping in photos and text with ease. There were a few minor glitches when trying to upload a photo - which is our fault since the photo was in a rare format. It also would be nice to see the app include hyperlinks, a simple way to create lists, and maybe video support as well.

With PC sales declining ( by 15%, we're seeing a strong wave of apps that incorporate and visualize content for a mobile first user. Our friends over at Flowboard have also made some huge strides in the touch-publishing world with their iPad based presentation and publishing app.

We're still getting a feel for Grid and have only tried it on our iPhones (it is also iPad compatible); however, it is definitely a promising and download-worthy app. It will be very interesting to see how people embrace an app like Grid but even more interesting to see what they create with it.

Who's behind it all?

Grid's background is extremely interesting. Josh Leong was a designer for Microsoft and working on Excel when he realized how the grid and cell based format could be used for more than just numbers and formulas - like this and this. He decided to leave Microsoft, formed a company called Binary Thumb, and has been working on Grid ever since.

Where to find it?

Grid is available for free on the App Store but is iOS only so far. You can sign up for your trial HERE. You can grab the app on the iOS iTunes Store HERE. You can find the the company online at and follow them at @binarythumb.

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