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Welcome to Carrot is Downloading – a blog series devoted to highlighting applications and services that the extended Carrot family is building, using or being delighted by.

This week, we'd like to tell you about an app called DASH.

What is it?

Dash is a mobile app that takes the headache out of closing and splitting your bill at your favorite bars and restaurants.

Drop your credit card info in, and Dash gives you the magical ability to open and close tabs on traditional bar POS (point of sale) systems. No more credit card dance with the busy server. No more waiting at a busy bar to close your tab. No tablets, swipers, or new systems to learn.

Dash Interface

Why haven't we deleted it?

Because nothing makes me happier than not waiting for the bill when I much down on some seriously delicious pancakes at Clinton St. Bakery!

There is very little reason not to try Dash if you live in NY and have ever spent time waiting on your tab (or worse, have left your credit card at the bar).

Who's behind it all?

Dash Faces

The team behind Dash calls our very own DUMBO neighborhood home and came out of our sister company's, Prolific, accelerator program. If you are curious about the company, I recommend popping over to their CrunchBase page:

Where to find it?

Dash is available on the iOS App Store and is coming to Android early next year.

You can grab the app on the iOS iTunes Store HERE.

You can find the the company online at and follow them at @dashwithme

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