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McDonald’s is celebrating 40 years of menu-item memories. Everyone's celebrating the classics; which is why Miller Light is bringing back its old label, Surge is back, PanAm wants to take you back in time and Burberry is updating its trench. And, Diet Coke wants you to remember your first time. Speaking of classics, Gatorade said goodbye to one with serious class #R2SPECT.

If you lived in Europe, you would be able to enjoy this wonderfully absurd Converse plugin that poses the question, “What would sneakers do?” And see the digital innovation at London Fashion week… like with hyperlapse fashion from Burberry.

But, you’re probably not, so instead you should watch Blake Griffin’s spoken word from Vizio. Or just ruin every movie you’ve never seen with Netflix’s spoilers. OR, even better, just go to Jim Carrey’s website. After all, microsites are the new Facebook pages, supposedly. (Which is probably why Facebook tweaked its algorithm to reflect timely stories over popular ones.)

We’re all sick of hearing about Apple, but how do I avoid that this week? Their phones bend, no link. They put a U2 albumn on everyone’s devices, which caused the first negative sentiment for the brand in years. This is what their pending watch would look if it was fashionfied. And, in the midst of the clutter, Google revealed a cheap android phone. Which is sort of just as sad at this sad selfies site.

The latest meme to strike twitter is a sign bunny. More randomness: GoDaddy is growing up; Pantone beer; and, calling this kid a Vine Star is an understatement.

In this week’s ‘useful things’ news: autonomous cars will make your Jetsons dreams come true, says Google too; HBO Go may finally allow us to subscribe without cable; this suitcase weighs itself; Speedo put an app in its swimwear; and, this app keeps track of your friends on a night out.

Here’s an awesome map of music. And here’s a map of the most googled brands per state. Surprisingly, Starbucks didn’t make it into any of them, but they are doing a cool pre-coffeehouse culture campaign.

Retail is doing cool stuff too. Check out online’s day off. Macy’s is using iBeacons. Nordstrom’s personal shoppers are using Twilio to text clients with finds.

NBA2K introduced us to the beard guru for their new face-scanning technology. Marriot is using Oculus Rift to give tours of its properties. And these mobile ads are reminiscent of vibrating controllers from N64.

Happy Friday.