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In case you were exploring caves last week, you should know that Apple announced a new watch. So, of course, brands piggybacked. They’re also introducing a bigger phone, which Samsung takes full credit for, and which immediately sparked a black market for iPhones. And then, U2 released their album for free on iTunes.

Fashion week happened; here’s some stats. Adidas hosted the first twitter-powered fashion show for their Neo line. A selfie brush was introduced. Evian owned their poshness and executed #evianbottleservice for thirsty fashionistas.We found out that there’s a whole magazine dedicated to beards. And Aritzia launched their 90 person influencer campaign for their fall collection published on Instagram.

Speaking of Fall, Pumpkin spice condoms exist, and so do pumpkin spice Oreos. Speaking of Fall’s favorite flavor, check out this consumer-inspired Starbucks content. Want more food content? Beatballs shows you what your favorite song tastes like… in the form of a meatball.

This is a billboard made out of cake. And this is an Ikea livingroom billboard that you can climb. Speaking of house things, GE sold its appliances to Electrolux. More on buying: Twitter has a new button to buy items directly from the platform. And, animated ads are coming to checkout dividers at a grocery store near you. Oh, and Tumblr users are wealthy.

The Instagram generation now experiences the present as an anticipated memory. (I bet these champagne popsicles will be a big hit, #fancy.) And for the longer memories, there’s Facebook video, which rivals YouTube, and Vimeo, which is going mainstream according to their new ads. Bonus: video of Nike’s history of innovation.

Are you a guy in search of a bromance? Check out Chillr. Already have a bro? Send him a beer via Facebook. Don’t want to do anything? Check out this emoji time killer.

If you’re an athlete, you can take a ride on Nike’s new airplane. You’re not an athlete? Post your fake vacation on Facebook. Or take a real trip to visit LA - the latest startup hub - or to Chicago to check out this Marriot’s healthy vending machine. And you can use this app to wake up with a stranger… no, no like that.

Pet focus groups are the new kid focus group. These cats star in the latest Kotex ad, while wearing sticky tape. The Old Spice effect has infiltrated K-Mart. These mismatched socks aim to raise awareness for preventable blindness. Verizon is making its own version of car-sharing/Zipcar. And they used Library of Congress graphics to make GIFs illustrating their internet speed.

Something to get really excited about: an app that allows you to communicate your every thought in GIFs.