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Carrot truly is an out-of-this world place to work, and the employees here on the mothership have a variety of interests, which span from grilling the perfect burger, to organizing hand-modeling competitions, to simply consuming vast amounts of sugar. We found that there was an intense interest in new age teachings and overall magical sorcery from Carrots of all realms. From that outpouring of interest was borne a brand new committee: Cosmic Carrots!

Our most recent Cosmic event was an informational session about all things related to astrology. While it’s fun to learn about your sun sign and the corresponding traits of such, most people are unaware that the placement of other planets at the time of your birth also affect one’s base personality. We discussed the importance of one’s moon and rising signs as they relate to personality traits as well as interpersonal relationships.

Carrots from all departments gathered to eat pizza and drink beer while learning about themselves and how astrology can affect interpersonal relationships in the office, between friends and teammates. Here’s a quick peek at the astrological sun sign breakdown of Carrot employees:

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 5.12.00 PM

As you can see from the graphic, Carrot is an office that is chock full of fiery Leo energy! Typical Leo traits include ambitiousness, loyalty, generosity and confidence. At Carrot, we are all about Hustle, Team and Adventure, and an office containing a big pride of lions perfectly plays into the Hustle ethos that permeates our office!

We also wanted to examine the sun sign breakdown between different departments.

astro by dept

It’s interesting to note here that the Air element dominates the Operations team, and Gemini employees make up fully half of the team! Typical Gemini people are known for their great conversational skills, extroversion and life-of-the-party attitude. It should come as no surprise that both Nina and Madison in our People and Culture department share a Gemini sun sign!

Astrology is a really fun and informative way to get to know your friends and coworkers. Wondering why you don’t get along with a colleague? Or maybe you are wondering how best to communicate with your boss? Simply check out their sun sign, as it just might give you some valuable insight to their personality!


Cosmic Carrots