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Alt textEvery second on the internet, way too much happens. And we took a break from Clicks for a bit (sorry), so there's a lot to catch up on. Try and keep up...

Shark Week happened; brands showed up and so did a shark on the F train.

Snapchat is about more than butts now, supposedly. Facebook is catering to celebrities (and enabling embedded posts, changing their News Feed algorithm, and offering a payment system). Twitter is more secure. And, Tumblr got searchably "naughty" again.

The app business is crowded, yet lucrative. Apps like Instagram, which you can now upload video to (ex: SPORTS), have attracted users such as The White House --who uses the platform to make Mean Girl references. Vine continues to be used by brands, and super creative people/magicians. Google Glass hopes devs will add apps to their accessory. Meanwhile, media companies like VICE are hacking Glass to tell the news, and NBC is buying mobile companies to help you tell the news.

On fashion: watermelon wear is cool; you too can live the J. Crew lifestyle; Hanes wants you to share your undies color; this brand makes underwear for your hands; and Beyonce (we're obsessed and here's why).

Google maps has new ads, and Dr. Who easter eggs. There's a map of every building of BK mapped out by age. And Stubhub's new ads show you the view from your potential seat and then let you buy tickets directly from there.

Need a reading break? Watch videos in the new YouTube car. Viewing options: How to Make Dubstep; blurred classroom lines; brainwave-powered interviews; Jay-Z's Picasso; Oladipo & Zeller dunks; Red Bull's incredibly engaged with videos (seeing 14 minutes of interaction). Or make your own videos, now editable on mobile.

Back to reading... Billboard is rewarding 'true' fans with magazines. Furbies are adorning album covers. And this music video pulls from tumblr content to make a different video everytime.

This guy is insta-famous for his fake GF pics. This is the ultimate missed connection post. And a 13 year old claims Facebook is off the tween radar.

Warby Parker's new ad invites you to be an intellectual. Air New Zealand is testing your actual knowledge. Jello is using a kid to show how depressing being an adult can be. Marmite is rescuing neglected spreads and taking it to loving homes. (Maybe the Jar with a Twist could save this spread...) And Kraft is using an original idea - using words that sound like curse words - to get you to use their recipes.

Oh, and there's a Shake Shack opening in DUMBO next year --cue GIF dance party.