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This week, Jay-Z finally let us iPhone users hear his much anticipated "Magna Carta Holy Grail." I'm no music critic, but I think this 6 hour performance and his Twitter convos are more entertaining. Now that that's out of the way, everyone can freak out about Lady Gaga's just-announced upcoming album. Looking for something that won't let you down? Try this London skyline techno mix, the SpaceJam mashup or the Full House/Blurred Lines musical hit of the summer.

Cat news: Your feline friends are starring in Mad Men and being cute in sweaters.

Baby News: We can now genetically modify lil tikes; the British press are on full stakeout mode waiting for the (royal) little one; and Daft Punk released "Get Lucky" condoms.

Maps News: There's a new discovery Google Maps app. If you're in NYC, check out how long it will take you to get anywhere with this heat tool. Or explore Diagon Alley. And I wish someone would make a map app that would give us a heads up about epic subway tunnel parties like this.

Outback made a chair that hugs you whenever someone writes on your Facebook wall. The Never Wet product demo proves that infomercials aren't just for 3AM. Equally as entertaining, the clap on/clap off bra. Speaking of boobs, everyone is up in arms over this Roxy ad (that will probably have way more teenage boys taking up the sport). And, if you blush easily, you might want to avoid IKEA's (brilliant) new porn, I mean, furniture microsite:

Speaking of IKEA, the retailer is tugging on women's heartstrings all the same in this single-mom video for their "small spaces" campaign. Other videos to watch: Super Mario snacks; the trailer for Sharknado; Great Gatsby VFX; how to draw Bender; the BEST Vine performance EVER. Want to share an Instagram video? Embed it.

Vanity Fair published a list of signs you're a Buzzfeed writer (running out of ideas). Portlandia put out a PSA for actual nerds, who need glasses. And kids' glasses debuted that allow them to adjust their own prescription, #want.

We launched our new tumblr this week. Other things to tumble: Marketr (by tumblr); Capitol Couture (which you only know is a tumblr bc we just told you); and Brisk Bodega. While you're in the bodega grabbing your coffee, realize what your choice says about you.

I'll leave you with this, Does Amanda Bynes think you're ugly?!

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