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Just because you're about to sing along drunkenly to country tunes while sippin' on some good ol' Budweisers under a firework-lit sky celebrating 'Murrica doesn't mean you can't respectively click while you're still on the clock...

In case you missed it (how?), we did something awesome with Victor Oladipo, the NBA Draft and Google Glass last week. Due to this awesomeness, there are double the clicks to get through. Godspeed.

If you're hungry this weekend, consider embarking on an Adventurrito (or eating a burrito the size of a baby), or just book a fancy Groupon meal. Or, you could always have a holographic chef help you out at home. Thirsty? If you're Canadian, you can drink this beer; if you're not, you can listen to this one (and then you can wear glasses made out of records). If you're not a senior citizen, you can choose how to market beer to them. Really into crowdsourcing? Lululemon is looking for their next CEO with banner ads.

You might be sad that you missed out on the cake train, but let me console you with this: Twinkies are coming back. (And this is how I feel about their PR Stunt.) There's a new Cronut flavor. Macaroon ice cream sammies might be the new cronut, or maybe it's the Crookie. And in non-decadent food news, Whole Foods wants you to respect the bees.

You can eat those treats as you celebrate the respect that was granted as DOMA was ruled out. Obama and his peeps celebrated with this video; Facebook rolled out applicable emojis; people got creative with their profile pics; Google made an easter egg; and offices showed their support through their windows. And, no matter your preference, remember that 'hooking up is hard to do.'

So many clicks that your head hurts? These actresses feel your pain. These legos are designed to prevent pain. These photos bring your childhood fears to life. Time Warner is finally accepting your bitching. This video takes away the pain of the hungry for every click. And joy turns to pain in this suicide prevention ad campaign.

Reddit co-founder said, "Facebook makes me hate the people I know, and Reddit makes me love the people I don't." I wonder how he feels about Vine vs. Instagram? Or about these Insta-frauds.

Google Glass & The Fancy let you shop from home, based on color-matching. Nordstrom is pinning in-store to remind you what you liked online. And Planet Fitness has created a Pinterest fatigue stress antidote.

Snaps are up to 200 million a day. Potluck is taking on Twitter with link sharing. Twitter launched geo-targeting for ads and hinted at DVR Mode. Google launched dynamic remarketing for merchants. And "Just do it" turned 25.

Here's a map of every river in the USA and a map that zooms in on neighborhoods, which you can Kickstart to have made for NYC. New York Today launched by the NYTimes to give local news for $free. Ridiculously good photos were taken of NYers skateboarding and of kids getting sunscreened.

An East River island is being transformed into a school. And, dot nyc domain names are now a thing; get yours!

Google Street view captured the tallest building in the world. Nik Wallenda bored us all as he walked across the Grand Canyon last week, yet we all still tweeted about it. And, LAX redesigned its terminals to make being sky-high luxurious. And in even higher up news, PayPal launched a space currency. I guess nothing is impossible, including duct tape surfing.

Some things that are sweet: IKEA's 'separate' ads, digital flipbooks, key kiosks, dude makeup, chewing gum controlled game, grocery store 3D printing, warrior Disney princesses and nude staff photos (5:55 mark).