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Alt text Congrats. You did it; you made it through the week. Reward yourself with a drink while you read this, because smarter people drink more.

Let's take a walk down memory lane: Remember MASH? Here are Peggy Olson's results. What about LEGOs? They are premiering a feature film and have started a Netflix-like service for the toys. Game Boys for grownups have been designed. And here is Kimmy Gibbler's Instagram account.

Speaking of Instagram, video launched. (Real talk: you should know that already.) Some brands are going to love it... but mostly everyone is just going to compare it to Vine for now. Moments before the big announcement, a talent agency for Vine stars (like the Thriller dog) launched. Other internet famous people this week: the Queen and band Unlocking the Truth.

Facebook added a "comment with images" feature before their Insta-nouncement. (Some images: these stockings and Manhattan's subway construction. They also redesigned their page insights.

This week, Twitter acquired a location-based social discovery engine. Use it to discover the nearest "spin class" near you. Or grab some bubble-wrapped Nike Airs and check out one of the brand's laser fields. (I know, I know... different sports.) Looking to shop? Go check out Gilt's brick and mortar in Kentucky. Don't live in Kentucky? Amazon is helping you send Bday gifts via Facebook.

This week, the fabulous people were inspired in Cannes. (Here's the music that fuels them.) Everybody's #canneslions tweets were projected in 3D on this billboard, and Twitter visualized its impact on TV. Diddy came to the party and pitched his new TV network Revolt, which will be 'social by design.' PS. HBO and ESPN have arrived on Apple TV.

And while everyone was talking about old campaigns at Cannes, this mailer got some well-deserved attention.

But, if you only click one thing today, make sure it's this Yeezus on the street video (which makes as much sense as this). Or watch the Magna Carta Holy Grail announcement - the only cool thing to ever happen to Android users. And, as badass as these musical marketing kings are, this girl might just take the cake for being the "most gangster."

... I really wish I could have written this in the helveticat font.