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If you're reading this on your smartphone, be warned... you're being made less-productive.

Here's something awesome to start us off: water graffiti.

When you're coming up with brilliant ideas, here's a bunch of things your don't want to hear. And here are a few great ideas about a CGI ape, a big ass, a honey-badger-esque airline, and a choose your own adventure for Vine. (Check out the best brand Vines.)

In platform news, Twitter increased its worth with the launch of their lead generation card, and in the same week was named the fastest growing social network worldwide. Pinterest introduced rich pins- great for brands leading on Pinterest. Yahoo is making Flickr "spectacular" again. Google+ announced a lot of new things, like disable your Google Voice phone numbers. But really the only platform anyone really cares about this week is the new Yumblr (which made Wordpress happy).

In branding news, Wired redesigned their print edition, Nike went 3D, Great Gatsby revealed their process, stop signs became impossible to miss, NYTimes made their banner ads more native (but they don't call it that), and 15 logo trends for the year were posted.

"Skinny" is the hottest word in marketing right now (apparently), which makes this gym's food receipts that are printed with calories, not dollars, super trendy. In completely opposite news, robots can soon deliver you beer and NASA is making a 3D food printer - first print job: PIZZA. (Speaking of NASA, read this AMA with their chief technologist and check out winners of their Space App Challenge.)

There have been about 50K tweets in the last week using #FML; JELL-O has hijacked them all. In other snack news, Cheetos launched a YouTube game that syncs with your phone, guaranteeing your phone will be covered in orange fingerprints.

You should probably invest in the new XBox and Kinect to burn all that off. Or just dance to the Daft Punk + Tumbler DJ set. And then take a nap in these micro-apartments (and then eat more NASA Pizza!).

Cheers to a great weekend; perhaps you'll celebrate Game of Thrones style?