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(Feel free to read this week's issue of Clicks from the food truck nearest you - since they are now wi-fi hotspots.)

This is a sad, sad week... I regret to inform you that the world's largest rubber duck has "died." Now that you're sobbing, here's some more news:

Everything you're about to read was predicted to be awesome by Mashable's Google Glass' virality prediction app, so they say.

Google is streaming music - and we're not talking about YouTube. Actually, they're just showing off this week; they also released new Maps, infiltrated Outlook with chat, are offering autographs through Google plus... oh and they put out a new Google+ (one you should actually pay attention to).

Choose your commute based on the buskers at each station. And in September, take one of those trains to see this fabric waterfall installation (that will likely be taken down right away due to the man).

Amazon launched "coins" as their virtual currency... at first we went ooooh ahhhhh and then we were over it. In other shopping news, drive-thru shopping launched... it's online shopping where you still have to go to the store. And in clothing news, you can design the next Mavs uniform.

Feeling risky? Play social roulette and take a chance at your profile being deleted... just kidding, Facebook wouldn't let that happen. Something you can really get rid of though is your Abercrombie & Fitch clothes, to help #FitchtheHomeless.

There's a new job in digital - the hitman, responsible for finding the mark and hitting it. And the ante has been upped for designers. Not the jobs for you? Maybe you should just test drive a Harley and ride the open road.

Let's talk about platforms... Yahoo! wants to buy Tumblr; Vine inked a deal with Peanuts, and there's a lot of dogs to follow on Instagram. And the New Yorker launched a platform to submit anonymous news...

People did normal things cooler this week. Check out this Daft Punk article (scroll!) and this Chrome game (that requires multiple phones to play!), and the My Little Pony easter egg in Google Hangouts. And people got annoyed by people doing things the same: like pushing app downloads on your during mobile browsing.

If you're going to click one thing, make it be the play button on the StarTrek/Space Station Google Hangout that happened this week. (Or the 90210 version of Who's Line.)

And while you're watching Twitter, check out the live TV updates coming from networks such as ESPN, and USA, with the new video streaming monetization service.

If you're in NYC and are going to Googa Mooga; let's hope they have these awesome beer cans that get you a safe ride home via subway!

And, as always, don't forget to brush your teeth - with caffeine.