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Alt text Welcome to Carrot Clicks, where we word-vomit everything we've clicked on the interwebs this week, especially for you. Enjoy, and thanks for getting early onset carpal tunnel on our behalf.

This week, Snickers targeted hungry people using Adwords that were triggered when hangry people couldn't spell correctly. This was brilliant until the Cronut entered the universe and we placed our orders for that instead of even considering the chocolate bar.

We downloaded the Pizza Compass, which is exactly what it sounds like. And then we competed (seriously) to see how well we knew our geography... down to the exact coordinates of places with only a Google Earth snapshot as a clue. At the same time, one of our teams continued their competition to level up against each other while learning French.

Patagonia created a fund to launch environmentally-sound startups. And a giving program sprouted up allow startups to give back too. And while we're all giving, American Airlines launched the first cool Klout perk that gives you a day in their Admirals Club (if you're awesome enough).

Tech Correspondent Randall Meeks raved about Google Glass being the phone you can use without being rude. (Watch now because these [SNL] videos will soon be on Yahoo! instead).

Instagram for Google Glass launched, and so did Instagram for NIKEiD shoes. And here's why Facebook bought it.

Ads for kids and parents came out: "TweetPee" diapers. Lenticular out-of-home displays against child abuse.

Pete Cashmore of Mashable said us millennials "love lists". So here's TIME's 50 Best Websites of 2013, and Facebook on the Fortune 500 list for the first time.

Some things you can buy: A week of groceries (around the world). 3D Printers (at Staples). Citibikes (well, rent). A food truck (but apparently it's a big money-suck.) A football stadium (if you're Levi's).

Curalate is predicting images' sharability. Starbucks/Buzzfeed are tracking reactions with their GIF-generator. And this is how you make letterpress effect in Photoshop.

Two Hollywood stars dressed like twinsies for the Met Ball. A big Hollywood media company purchased a made-for-YouTube network. And, YouTube launched a trend map and paid channels to "reward creativity."

Watch: Saul Bass' Bday Google Doodle - and look at the Game of Throne's posters in his style. Google's Moms' Day. Adobe's creative class. (Note: Adobe switched from Suite to subscription cloud.) Lip Sync-Off between Fallon and John Krasinski, a game necessary to implement at Carrot. Vine-powered comic.

Have a great weekend - with all of your closest [Linkedin] pals - jamming to your fave Spotify playlist, which is about to get way cooler.