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Remember that guy from the Verge that left the internet for a year hoping to become a better human? Well, he's back and he missed the internet (and all its bullshit). Moral of the story: you're not a bad human - keep clicking.

Since you're not leaving the internet, download the new app, Days, and enjoy a more social Timehopish experience of each day. It can take the place of your Hotmail app (#jokes) - because the '90s mailbox option is officially no more. (It was probably the fact that people could Superman around the world with LeapMotion that made them realize they were a little behind.)

This week, the internet got put into things like magazines, tip jars and cups. Other internet updates: Instagram rolled out a tag-your-friends feature and a new logo and has a potential redesign. Facebook got a new logo and announced new mobile brand pages. Tumblr introduced mobile ads. Foursquare visualized your year in check-ins. Someone made a fashion Vine curator. But what we find really cool is that a reality tv show is premiering on social media - #meta.

Brands did some cool things: The White House published its first Vines. A bunch of Carrots downloaded SnapChat, and so did Taco Bell.

We found a new design tool: Retinize it. And, then we oohed and ahhed at the interactions on these sites: 1, 2, 3. And after reading this, we can basically create the best TED talk everrrr.

We learned some life lessons: Selfies are dangerous; let strangers draw them for you. 'Bribery with delectable pastries works.' Angelina Jolie loves the internet (and so do we). Texting while walking can be safe. Hipsters wear 'deliberately homely sweaters.' Disney characters love to sneak into each other's movies. You can buy 57 eggs in China for $5 dollars. And, seriously, shoes can tell beautiful stories.

We hope you had a good day, and a good #tornadoweek. And tomorrow, may the 4th be with you.