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In case you haven't seen our 3.5 million posts, we won TWO Shorty Awards this week: Best Social Media Agency and Best Use of Animated GIF. We're not bragging, we're just really honored/thankful/proud/excited/stoked. Other things we got really excited about this week: two Carrots on the Top Chef Cruise, two Carrots on the news for being fashionistas, eating outside again (!!!) and this catch.

We were intrigued by this infographic depicting costumes in Times Square (ratio of Elmos to Aliens is 8:5), and then we read about the importance of questioning data in data visualizations.

Speaking of data visualization, we visualized hip hop as a cultural indicator. Speaking of hip hop, here's a home-cooked Wu-Tang Clan article for you. And, Jay-Z dropped a new track about his trip with Beyonce to Cuba (that caused a lot of drama).

We shipped our pants over this commercial, and were impressed by out of home advertising brilliance. Speaking of brilliance, real Vine marketing is coming into focus: one company is encouraging you to complain with a Vine contest and a band created a music video based on your Vine hashtags (#gamechanger).

Speaking of music, Twitter is launching something big today: #music. Speaking of Twitter, we found out that @BarackObama isn't really the guy in the avatar anymore, but were delighted to find out that most of Biebs' fans on Twitter are totally fake.

Speaking of delight, we found out that nature makes you happy; go figure. So we tried to find nature from our desks and stumbled across Google Street View's hyperlapse. Someone said that wasn't "real," so we explored the Arctic with Greenpeace's snazzy site. And then we started daydreaming about the greenhouse going in nearby. And then it started raining outside.

So we turned to Facebook to make us happy... with their new emoticons. And then we felt old because apparently youngins aren't into Facebook right now. (Remember what we said about analyzing data closer...)

Speaking of Facebook, they launched a way to super-target consumers this week. And someone else launched JPEG steganography for Facebook images (#secrets).

Speaking of Facebook (again), the Winklevosses have millions invested in Bitcoin ...see what I did there? Oh, and Facebook Home appeared today... does anyone have a Droid they want to fess up to and let us know how it works?

Speaking of ...nothing, these things are worth the click: Lego AR codes, Storyboard saved by Mashable, Bloomingdale's Independent Spirit Awards Entry, Netflix's Arrested Development posters, the workisnotajob manifesto, and 40 years of the music industry in pie charts.

If you weren't tired before, your clicking fingers are (should be) now. Have a great, hopefully sunny weekend. We'll be dreaming of what DUMBO might become and practicing to not do this during softball games.