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Happy Game of Thrones weekend!!! (Which family are you a part of?) We're pretty stoked after a great week: We joined Vine and showed off our cuteness, one our own won Google Glass after entering #ifihadglass, and we helped celebrate Tumblr's 100 millionth blog by editing their timeline to highlight us - naturally. We also clicked, A LOT:

We were inspired: All of the great things brands have done on Facebook have been catalogued. A window company in the UK made an award-winning Google Earth experience that takes you through a Secret Door (weekend plans, sayonara). NYC has been turned into a playground of payphones, full of germs and stories from 1993. An agency paid their employees to create a game where they battle for beers. Disney made signs out of "photographic sequin imagery". And Artist Jay Shells ensured that NYC reads the language it speaks: rap.

Our design team gave the stamp of approval on this brand's "Epic Playdate" - loving the visuals, UX and illustrations.

Our developers were impressed with this Rails upgrade success story, are getting excited to manage errors in apps using Sentry, are loving this javascript resource (with cool graphics to boot), and had fun shading these surfaces and tearing this cloth.

Our strategists contemplated, do influencers exist; or is it all about the steps to contagious content? They also saw the buzzword "Big Data" coming into focus.

The internet got some updates: You can now embed Vines across the interwebs. Instagram affects your Klout score) - the jury's still out on what your Klout score affects. Google Maps has made it easier for you to make custom maps (dinosaur routes coming soon...). And, Yahoo will be changing their mobile app experience with their newest hire, a 17 year old that comes with the news-reading app Summly. (Want to be like this 17 year old? Check out the advice one of the Facebook guys gives on making the world awesome.)

And, just because... you should know: what your 'meeting posture' says about you - from a Teddy Bear, that awesomely bad collages will help you sell thing on Craigslist, that Disney should always be mixed with rap music (Exhibit A and B), and that you should no longer be jealous that you weren't on Guts.

Oh! And remember Harlem Shake? Old news. Now, it's all about Hadoken-ing and you can thank us for pushing the trend, Carrot-style.