The Carrot Blog

It’s really really really Friday everyone! Things you probably missed this week: Pancake Day. But it’s okay because The Game celebrated enough for all of us, seriously--the guy donated 5K to IHOP. Sounds like true love. If the thought of pancakes doesn’t warm your heart, then these islands full of cats sure will. There’s also always dreaming of becoming these guys to turn a frown upside down.

If you plan on spending your weekend like every other weekend during the winter, please include daydreaming about the day you can plug your phone into your couch on your to-do list. Still need more things to do? To watch? To listen to? We’ve got a 10-hour loop of the best verse in music history for ya--that should do the trick. You could also check every single one of these out to fit in with the cast of "Mad Men".

Looking for a handmade vintage ceramic decanter might be different next time, considering Etsy is moving into the big leagues. Either way, we’re sure you’ll still be able to find everything make your very own Batcave on the site. Whatever happens, you’ll be able to shop directly from Instagram soon so things are only looking up for your personal savings account. However, if your funds are still depleted from your $600 Canada Goose coat purchase, at least now we know why you bought it.

This week, our fave science guy went to the dark side thanks to Monsanto. But hey, at least the Ringling Bros decided to cut their lobby budget and are letting these big guys go. If any of that makes you feel a little hopeless, the twitterverse has got your back with some sound advice.

So Help Me God if we ever watch another episode of VH1’s “I love the 90’s,” MTV has it covered. Taking it back to the good old days is always fun, especially when it’s at the expense of a LEGEND. Speaking of blasts from the past, get your skates and gold out because ATL 2 is happening, y’all.

If you’re feeling extra lonely this weekend you may want to upgrade your favorite app, but be ready to fork over more $$$ if you’re in your prime--even though that’s bullshit. "Whatever though", as our girl Hillz would say. There will be more things to do from the comfort of in-front-of-a-screen; because, soon there will be one more streaming service to add to your repertoire.

Don’t know about you, but we’re ready for the weekend. Over and out.