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In case you were out spelunking last night, stop everything you’re doing immediately. Now, reach deep within your soul and determine the color of #TheDress. It’s blue and black. It’s gold and white. It’s blue and black okay. Science.

Speaking of illusions, we learned Ice-T and Christina Aguilera have some badass talents in common. And sorry, there’s no such thing as a secret G train that transports passengers to and from an alternate universe. And speaking of the universe, we lost the great Leonard Nimoy today, best known as Mr.Spock.

In case all of that broke your brain, no fear, all is right in the world because the third season of House of Cards is finally on Netflix. If you haven’t cleared your schedule for the weekend yet in order to’s too late.

In all seriousness though, there will soon be emojis that may or may not actually look like make sure to forward the news to Mom. The FCC finally made a decision about Net Shmoo-shmality stating that the internet should be “fast, fair, and open” for everyone. If you’re all clear about that, but still don’t know what “fleek” means, then this quiz is for you.

Also very important: X to the Z, Xzibit and pals were the sham of the 2000s. Facebook kept it real in their new ads about what they do best: friends. These guys #turnt all the way up for a Harry Potter X Archer twist. And we officially cannot wait for summer to see the beginnings of West Coast gangsta rap done right.

Warren Buffett, the world’s top investor, admitted he eats like a little kid - consuming at least 5 Coca-Cola’s a day. He’s 84. We’ll take that as inspiration to make us feel better about searching for the chicken and waffle cone and considering crossing seas for KFC’s edible coffee cups.

Oh, and if you didn’t watch the Oscars last weekend, then you missed Patricia Arquette’s speech that was heard "'round the world". And this is how we feel about it: yussssss!!!!

And for Pete’s sake, keep your llamas locked up!