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Are you still feeling the effects of that triple-whammy President’s Day weekend? Us too. Amidst the hype, Kanye launched the Yeezy Boost and his clothing line with Adidas while all of his BFFs were in town. Some people loved it but North West wasn’t feelin’ it. Then we celebrated Galentine’s Day with these cute lil’ guys and spent our Valentine’s Day maybe, maybe not, avoiding these two. To top off the weekend, migration season was kicked off by the #FashionFlock with your favorite blue bird during NYFW.

In other news, the Bros need saving along with 90’s fashion. No fear because JNCOs has got that second one covered. The Queen proved the power of a #NoMakeUpSelfie. SNL celebrated the big 4-0 with everyone from T-Swift to Sarah Palin and brought us an old favorite. Lady Gaga got engaged to this guy. Conan O’Brien visited an exotic unknown getaway, called Cuba. Priests across the web turned up on a very special Wednesday with #ashtag.

The FAA pretty much squashed Amazon’s plans for drone delivery in the US. While the White House hired its very first CDSaDCTODT, who will hopefully explain the internetz and such to the people running our government.

Yahoo revealed its mobile developer suite, which includes two of Yahoo’s sweet native advertising platforms. Your faves: Snapchat and Pinterest are both attempting to raise their valuation to $19 Billion and $11 Billion respectively; so yes, keep on snappin’ on.

LEGO made Stars Wars fans everywhere want to buy this toy. And IBM impressed everyone with these toys. Everyone finally found a reason to feel bad about eating Chipotle. If you want to feel like a kid again, a new Dr. Seuss book was discovered. Yes, discovered.

Mad Men is back. Speaking of ads, tune into Twitter this Sunday night during the Oscars to see how Dove and Twitter can change the way we talk about beauty. If that doesn’t make you feel good, don’t worry -- we all might able to afford a Tesla soon.