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You might have gotten the chance to check out the latest Jurassic Park trailer, but did you hear about the 19 fully intact dino eggs found in China? Yup, the Kylie Jenner, aka cultural-appropriation-will-never-die, challenge was not the only crazy thing to happen last week. Also, Kermit the frog is a real frog y’all.

If that makes your inner child sing, then brace yourself for Fuller House - the confirmed Netflix spinoff featuring the whole fam. Personally, we didn’t think the house could get any fuller. You should have no-fear of entering another binge cycle because Chipotle is going to start delivering. Yes, you read that correctly.

Last week brought three new apps to the table. First up, straight from never-never land, Ferris Wheel - an app that can sync up all of your social media accounts for easy peasy posting and whatever else you kids do on those things. Next, the app called Operator is for you if Google just isn’t your thing. Saving the best for last, we were thoroughly entertained by the MyIdol app which lets you create an animated digital version of yourself that you can make do almost anything. What’s the catch you might ask? Nothing’s in English...

Next time you’re about to tune out of a conversation about fitness trackers, send your buds this little funny - the Inactivity Tracker, from Kmart and Joe Boxer. Then proceed to tune out, maybe put on this educational number by the Denver Police Department. Who knows, you might learn something that you can exercise using this dope walking map on NYC. Don’t forget to bring your Google maps because you never know what you’ll find.

Hopefully you at least thought about taking shorter showers, seriously recycling, or supporting sustainable farming in honor of Earth Day last week. Or maybe you just took the Google Earth Day quiz to find out you’ve been lying to yourself your whole life because you’re actually just a fat shrimp. Either way, we can’t all be moral absolutists, but we can at least do our best to compost.

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook video has been annihilating YouTube for quite some time and now Facebook is talking about it. They’re also helping brands create better video content with Facebook Anthology. Translation = BOOM. POW. FIYAH.

Speaking of fire, mark your calendars for the 5th of May because Taco Bell will be dropping its hottest sauce yet - DIABLO.

If your dreams of becoming internet famous have been on the back burner for far too long, now may be your time to shine on Periscope. You’ve gotta move quickly though because the pioneer star has already been named. On the topic of fame, we’re proud of ya’ Brucie!

Enjoy your week and if you need to, brighten up your Monday with a good laugh on behalf of the OG, President Obama.