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Last week we saw what happens when you bring Jon Snow to a dinner party. I think they forgot to invite some of their furry friends though. We should’ve had a dinner party to celebrate New Beer’s Eve, but one cannot live by regrets. So, you can mark your calendar for 2016.

Speaking of 2016. Go Hillz. Whether you support her or not, love her logo or not, or think she’s punctual or not - we’re still excited. Who knows, maybe she can partner up with NASA to win over her competitors’ constituency.

For those of you who just need to know how a story ends, Adnan Syed’s story continues on a new podcast. Even if you know how a story ends but can’t give up on nostalgia, LEGO has you covered - VIVA LA BLANCHE. And if you haven’t heard… Mr. Turner is BACK!

Guess what? Now legally download the best entertainment ever created, you can - for free. Yes, hmmm.

Twitter and Snapchat tried to spice things up last week with RT with comment and emojis. Who is Alexa you ask? Good job Amazon.

Next time you’re getting your Hulu fix and feel like Jess from New Girl is representing your entire life, there’s basically an app for that.

Go forward into the next week with this to ponder on, there are two kinds of people in this world, those who film vertical and those who do not - which one are you?