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april fools day 025

If you ask me, the best part of last week was hands down this gem in celebration of National Corn Dog day. Albeit a little late, but when glory is delivered timing does not matter. Lots of people are saying that now social media is just about advertising and nothing proved that better than April Fools' Day. There was a pretty strong consensus that brands pretty much ruined the holiday for everyone. April 1st is now known as Stay Off the Internet Day. Trust no one. Speaking of brands trying to be funny, Groupon actually made everyone’s day with their banana bunker bonanza on Facebook.

We were all able to breathe again when we learned that Trevor Noah will be the new host of The Daily Show. Despite all the drama surrounding Trevor Noah’s questionable humor seen in old tweets and in Patton Oswalt’s response, I’m still excited. If you still need hope for humanity, check out this kid who created his own Lady Gaga concert after her Chicago show was cancelled due to an injury. Long live little monsters. Speaking of humanity, if you haven’t watched Bieber get roasted and toasted, do it now. If you can only watch one thing, check out the OG Martha who came through with straight fire.

Last week featured some pretty good blasts from the past. From the Pac Man Google maps to to this Super Mario 64 remake in HD. But if you’re all about ‘the now and present’ - what’s in , what’s hip - you’d probably be into this HOC meets GOT parody. Also, big news from another three letter acronym, CAH is now selling a special party pack that funds scholarships for women in STEM! More like “Cards totally FOR and all about Humanity,” am I right?

If you’re interested in ruining a good thing (AKA my childhood) then you’d be happy to know that not only is Mulan being remade as a live-action film but so is Winnie The Pooh. BUT if you’re into ruining something that already sucks pretty bad, then you’d enjoy these two Brooklynites churning out artisanal Spam.

Soon you’ll be able to restock all of your goods from Amazon, literally with the push of a button - not an April fools joke. Next time you pay your roommate on Venmo, think about what emojis you use. Switch it up, go against the grain. While on the topic of the grain, the illuminati launched their music streaming service TIDAL this week. Thrilling, if you ask me.

P.S. If you found yourself wondering this weekend where Peeps come from, you’re welcome. If that inspires you to get in the baby chicks, pastels, and fake grass spirit, join us for our cross-country bar crawl.