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Happy Back to School Week. Check out these Mom confessions and the Gap Kids’ photo campaign… [and these taser faces (unrelated)].


Tablets have the highest click through rates across devices. A million bucks is going into researching memes. AE made a GIF generator for #football #sports. Meanwhile, the #icebucketchallenge is still kickin’ –check out Samsung and India’s iterations.

Motorola is releasing its new smartwatch over “Yo.” Samsung took TVs door to door for the Emmys. Reebok is using their Human Dispatching Service to deliver shoes to those who tweet. And Google has a new Drone to get what you want.

Speaking of delivery, food drop-off is getting techy. You can now receive Cup of Noodles via drones and Lays via Uber picnic. (Sidenote: this pizza place is run by cats, and meals are becoming snacks; see: Mac Cups.)

Apple announcements are coming Sept 9th, and they will likely focus on mobile ads and iBeacons. An emotional robot named Pepper may be your new best friend, which is just as tomorrowland as Bezos and Musk racing to patent a reusable rocket. (Sadly though, as our kids are exposed to more and more screens, they are losing their pulse on emotional reality.)

Speaking (loosely) of Amazon, there’s a new ad platform. Pinterest added a news tab on mobile. Brands can analyze photos to see their brands within them. goes native (with advertising content). Twitter has a new analytics tool. Facebook is cracking down on newsfeed click bait and is testing a search by keyword of old content. And, there are new tools for brands on Instagram.

A new interactive game, from Adidas, has launched on Instagram… and so has Barbie’s account. Instagram’s Hyperlapse app launched and people and brands are pumped. Mobile video is taking off; check out ‘Dewdles,’ Mountain Dew’s new smartphone content. And Variety is going to own and publish tv engagement ratings across social.

Brazil killed it with their real-time content: “Don’t Stop Belizin’.” Clash of Clans made hilarious graphics for their new campaign. And this video game lets you explore space with a Google Earth-like tool.

Swarm is fueling social for gas brands. KLM is connecting the world through high-fives. Magnum’s app is redefining the ice cream social by notifying you when your friends are near. And Axe wants us to #kissforpeace. Speaking of Axe, they and GQ are redefining the shopping experience at Target. Nordstrom is also focusing on experience by making payments mobile.

Abercrombie is removing their logo from their clothing; luckily everything they make still has a distinct smell and you’ll know who’s an A&F fan. You can pair your polos with the newest in concert shirt, introducing eskimo sneakers by Kanye.

Let’s end on a deep note: Do we assess digital creativity all wrong?

Peace Out Girl Scouts.