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It's National Donut Day, celebrate with caution. (Semi-related breakfast news: There's a new kind of 'coffee high.')

Check out these Disney movie memes, out of context. And while we're talking about rugrats, Amazon's content hub for kids has its own show. Facebook has a patent that will allow kids, 13 and younger, on the platform. And there are helmets with crayons on them.

The World Cup is coming up in case you haven't seen 100,000 everythings about it. Univision and Facebook have paired up to make their coverage social, in real-time. Sports Illustrated launched a dedicated site. Or you can just get your news from mouthwash. Really though, let's see if any of the traditional media can pump you up more than this new Beats spot. (And for fun, check out McDonald's trick shot promo.) Let's just hope these are all mobile friendly because the survey shows that half of fans will be engaging via mobile.

Newcastle is paying people to follow them on Twitter. Pinterest launched self-serve ads. Facebook has targeted video ads now (which they claim have the same reach as traditional TV spots.) And Millennials expect brands to have loyalty programs.

The new QR code is an app that let's you shop in 20 seconds out in the wild. Speaking of QR codes, this conference created the holy grail of advertising: 'the world's first crowdsourced, 3D printed QR code live-streamed via GoPro to a smartphone or tablet device, drone delivery ticket system project.' And then there's this: the latest in 3D printing is Van Gogh's ear.

Budweiser is taking over a town this summer in what they've dubbed "Whatever USA." Wired is hosting a "live issue" (aka two day conference on design). And, TV viewing numbers (online and in app) are growing rapidly.

Apple announced a billion changes, and is bringing us Yosemite. (This means you're going to have to chose to have a Google or Apple smart house soon.) Instagram announced new design tools. Kim and Kanye snapped the most instagrammed photo EVER (this is the world we live in). The photo wasn't posted from Google Glass, but could have been. Meanwhile, over at YouTube, Gangnam Style surpassed two billion views, making it the most watched clip of all time.

Need some weekend plans? Help this bro break in his sandals. Do some high-tech yoga. Attempt this Anime studio's challenge for 3D animators. Go shopping on - because they are adamant that they are not closing shop. Or hang out with the now ex-White House Press Secretary (bc he resigned this week).

And fun for some: **GOT SPOILERS**: You can't crush a skull with your bare hands. And here is the reaction people have when it is attempted.