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Apple is creating a marketing army --perhaps it has something to do with Adobe's move into hardware or Amazon's new Fire phone, with e-commerce functionality: Firefly. (Also: Kinect features are being added to the Window's phone. Even though xbox is back to thinking about games.) Meanwhile, eBay Now is closing shop. Walmart's app matches competitive prices. And TaskRabbit has reconfigured its algorithm to better pair tasks and people.

Facebook has become even closer to a 'paid channel' for brands with organic reach nearing zero. It is also allowing consumers to customize their ad profiles. Facebook also created a Snapchat of sorts, and so did Tinder.

The Weather Channel will be offering brands weather-based targeted ad buys on Twitter. Twitter now supports GIFs. (Bonus: some award-winning GIFs.)

Google Search lets you call businesses via Hangouts now. Reddit joined in the self-serve ad platform model for small businesses. And, The NYTimes debuted the "snowfall" of Native Ads for OITNB. Meanwhile, GOT set a new piracy record during the finale.

These digital ads identify hair color of models online. These glasses ads makes impressionist paintings clear. And there are new emojis! Yo launched, and people are squatting on brand names. Also, we're paying influencers a ton of money.

There's a new type of man: the spornosexual. Have a type? You can pay to find you love based on facial recognition. Also, meet Burt of Burt's Bees.

World Cup things: Budweiser hotel; a calendar of every game; 80 years of world cup tickets; Hyundai has tumblr-powered Times Square billboards; Kia's attempt to make everyone a fan; and World Cup advertisers opt for social over traditional.

Mobile video watching has gone up over 500% in the last two years. The CEO of Dreamworks says that YouTube will be the biggest social platform in five years. (They also just released DreamworksTV on the platform.) And, 26 million people will book travel on mobile this year. Good thing that Starbucks is inserting wireless chargers into their in-store experience.

Research shows that consumers can't answer what they really want for themselves. It's not how what we think; it's what we feel when we think. This is why packaging designers use neuro-marketing to influence consumers.

H&M remixes fashion and music. Here's the first Vine from space, and Angry Birds in space. And here are aerial photos of beaches.

Hungry? Wanna know what the best item on the menu is? There's a site for that. Lucky Charms is embracing the rainbow. Food52 launched a social network, and Paula Deen has an online cooking destination. Peeps Minis are for your everyday holiday cravings. Wendy's pretzel bun is back. McDonald's launched a tech incubator. The Onion made a Buzzfeed. And, Cam'ron is coming to DUMBO.

Here are 25 campaigns that will win (or have) at Cannes (according to AdAge). But more importantly, here's what Kanye said at Cannes.

And to top it all off: The Deadly Digital Sins.