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This is two weeks worth of Clicks - despite the fact that we've been living with lag... get ready to learn something.

For those of you -- like me -- that started G.O.T this season (I know, I know... calm down); there's "You Know Nothing." And, to learn more things, check out Useful Science. Oh, you think you already know everything? Do you know who has the largest Hip Hop vocabulary? Or that Amazon has a patent on taking pictures of people in front of white backgrounds? That we (Americans) only watch about 17 TV channels (out of hundreds available to us)? That McChurros exist (in Japan)? That this is how the world will look underwater (check out our street up top #yikes)? And that there's not an app for everything, but there is a sticker.

Foursquare wants to split into two with Swarm. Publicis and Omnicom will remain two separate agencies (and we never have to read about it again, phew). On the flip side, there are a lot of beautiful friendships blooming in brand world: Whistle and Jawbone, Pepsi and Bloomingdale's, Sprint and Spotify, (Apple and Beats), Nylon and Fashion Indie, and Hamsters and Burritos.

Evernote and Linkedin have partnered to create electronic business cards (finally). And Twitter's redesign of their profile pages are meant to be another solution to today's business card. (Twitter is also testing a "significant engagement" notification on iOS.)

Netflix and NYTimes redesigned their logos. Tumblr's new mobile update allows users to edit their Tumblrs from their phones, with 3.3 billion unique templates to chose from. Facebook has a new sign-in process for connected apps. Pinterest introduced a mobile-first "guided search" and is selling promoted pins based on keywords. CB2 is asking popular Pinners (and fans) to decorate a NYC apt. And, there's a new Pinterest-based show coming to A&E.

Video is so fetch right now; see: NYPost, NYTimes, Buzzfeed. Vice on HBO got renewed for two more seasons. NBC is the first network to buy Facebook video ads. Adobe released presentation platform: Voice. Video Chat is being used to teach English, and comfort the elderly. And, London police are experimenting with body cameras to accelerate convictions; how's that for wearable tech?

Mannequins can transmit product info to a customer's phone via VMBeacons. Google Now will notify Android users when products they've recently searched for can be found nearby. And, #amazoncart allows you to add to your cart via Twitter.

In Hong Kong, the Hyatt provides guests with smartphones preloaded with travel apps. Microsoft is introducing a smartwatch focused on fitness. PayPal is toying around with a smartwatch that acts as a wallet... and testing it out on employees. And, Nivia's new ad offers a wrist-based safety solution for kids at the beach (while getting you to buy sunscreen, of course). Also, Cosmo's newest cover will be a peel-away ad buy.

World Baking Day is upon us, which might be the coolest thing Country Crock has ever done. Coke's newest vending machine rewards recycling. Good TOGO introduced reusable, sharable coffee mugs in NYC. Maker's Mark used Reddit correctly. Taco Bell is introducing a fancy version of it's Doritos-shelled taco establishment.

Sunday is Mother's Day... don't forget. In case you need some motherly solutions in your life: the Mayo Clinic offers a real-time concierge for all your health questions; this alarm clock will read you the news; and this germ alarm will shame you into remembering to wash your hands --it's sad this needed to be invented BTW.

Happy Weekend people; go buy yourself something pretty... at the new, super cheap Forever 21.