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Some useful things are happening in the world: Virgin America made boarding passes that actually fit in your pocket. Facebook made a "menu" feature for restaurant brand Pages. And Coke is turning old bottle caps into new things.

Studies show that being tired = being creative. Sleepy people came up with Fruit of the Loom Dad GIFs; Museum of the Mundane tags; Taco Bell's internet scavenger hunt; Axe's remake of Klout; Coca Cola's bottles that require two to drink (in time for back-to-school). Unfortunately, Rick Ross was just plain tired, and not creative-genius-tired, when he thought tattooing his Insta handle to his chin was a good idea.

Great content: Denny's twitter. This Kimye wedding tweet. This juice brand's campaign rewarding people with jobs nobody wants (ever). 50 Cent's first pitch.

Data: This app gives you more info about the subway. This "State of the Internet" report shares VC knowledge (like that Tinder makes 11 million matches of men/women a day). And here's all the charts from that presentation that show mobile's not so subtle world takeover. Fitbit owns half of the wearable tech properties in this (forced metaphorical) game of Monopoly. Based on market research, Pizza Hut is gettin' FANCY (flavor-wise). And here's the internet in real-time.

Brands are beginning to take advantage of Twitter's one-click video feature. Amex + Pharrell have teamed up to gather UGC twitter autographs for an exclusive concert. And, Google Play is hosting a live music performance over an ad break.

Apple is going to debut "smart home" software soon. And, if you lose your phone, you can play Marco Polo with it while you search. More on robots: 'Silicon Valley's' self-driving car is REAL. Mini debuted a "custom" concept car model for the masses. And Uniqlo's mobile app lets you design your own t-shirt.

Obligatory World Cup news: There's an agency ready to translate tweets for you. Here's the kits through the ages and a designed calendar. And Messi is loosing sleep in Adidas latest play for fan acquisition.

Finally, the agencies behind all these secrets were a bit exposed this week. We learned how long it takes some agencies to tweet. And we got a look into the semantic debates over at Cheetos.

Have a good weekend; treat yo' self and go shopping.