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It's Friday. Chillax and click a little... (Unless I just scared you to death with that photo, but more on that later.)

Facebook has a new feature that uses a mobile phone's microphone to recognize what shows you're watching and then posts a status update to your profile. (There are two use cases for this: 1. Expose every time that you're hungover and binge on TNT marathons, or 2. Leave your phone near the Discovery/History channel so your friends think you're fancy.) In other real time news, Google is providing real time data to its advertisers (aka they found a way to make way more money). Pinterest is opening up its data pool to 3rd parties, allowing for greater brand insights. And, Google's YouTube stars are getting book deals left and right; now you can read about how to apply makeup and the art of toddlers who twerk.

Arby's made a 13-hour commercial where you watch brisket cook. Burger King made a minor, confusing slogan change and debuted "be your way." Lemonhead made a sour decision by turning their animated mascot into a terrifying Hey Arnold-esque hipster lemon boy (see above). Pornhub hosted a contest where they asked consumer to create SFW ads; here are the results. And Time and Sports Illustrated have decided to sell out and offer cover ads.

McDonald's fries become soccer fields with their new augmented reality world cup ad. They are also crowdsourcing their next burger. Coke made a commercial that's 100% UGC. Rold Gold pretzels launched a reality show on social. Lunchables has created a line of food for teens. (AND, Chris Martin took his kids to a fast food establishment, don't tell Queen Goop.) On the other hand, Gwyneth would LOVE this new "unpacked" supermarket.

Here are the world's emotions in emojis. Want to be inspired? Here's a graduation speech that boils success in life down to the literal hat you wear. And these are the schools that Silicon Valley recruits from.

Speaking of tech giants, Apple is selling it's original logo. Facebook's Holiday gift is clever, (sort of) analog and charitable. (They are also making their own Snapchat.) And, Google is not actually making any of these products. Fun fact: click through rates are 40% higher on tablet than desktop.

YouTube is looking to acquire the video game streaming service Twitch. Nokia + Microsoft made a pretty book to talk about their union. AOL and Yahoo! are in talks to merge. And, AT&T bought DirecTV.

You can watch HBO on Amazon now (which means there are literally no excuses for you to NOT know Carcosa). AMC debuted a new show on Tumblr. And Hulu is going to stream Sailor Moon. Not into watching stuff? This audio company made a sound-only website. And Shutterstock has a music site now.

Real Rubix cubes are so last year; play online. Hack some code to get an EDM album. And send back your Google Glass (and ask for a refund) like this tech writer did.

Have you seen Step Up Revolution? Of course you have. Well, The Mob is real (aka there is an augmented reality app that brings art to life at the MoMa). Need some sweet kicks? Adidas has responded to Nike iD with Miadidas, which turns your Instagram pics into custom shoes. (Freebie: Instagram stats involving Nike and a grandma.)

Happy long weekend! Be careful out there. (No seriously; there is a massive hole in the middle of Manhattan.)