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Let's start by getting the Google Glass news out of the way: Now, everyone can buy it. And, when you do, you can choose your Starwood hotel via your own eyeball tour. Or, skip the hotel entirely and use Airbnb, who recently launched a global campaign. If you're heading to Cannes, make sure to take advantage of Uber planes.

There's a daily digest of color, and this tumblr matches objects to their Pantone color (and for some reason is called PMS match...). Here are a bunch of stock photos you'll never need (except I did for the top of this post...). And some sites: a biography of Drake; a Tumblr about Tumblrs; a way to be image pen pals with a stranger; and bacon's overlooked brother: Turkey bacon.

Epic Meal Time and "Selfie" are coming to a tv near you. And you can watch everything about the World Cup on Sony's custom channel. Netflix premiered the "new snowfall" on Wired. Hulu is selling pizza "in stream" during shows. Yahoo is offering new image-rich, mobile-first native ads. Google has "magazine-style" text ads. And, this billboard displays a different message depending on your MPH.

Honda made bottled water from its hydrogen fuel cell emissions (yum?). Coke has tiny kiosks for its new tiny cans. Nescafe has a new bottle with lids that double as an alarm clock. There's a new lighter that helps you kick your smoking habit. And, the MoMa will begin selling equally unique items that have been successfully Kickstarted.

The NYTime's innovation report has been leaked. Best selling authors are posting their latest work to Chipotle packaging. The Associated Press has declared a word limit on their articles (300-500). Even more brief, Twitter introduced "mute" to hide a user's activity from your feed. And science discovered the "perfect tweet." Also, digital art may soon be ownable via Bitcoin.

FYI - this is what Williamsburg used to look like. Three kids fell out of a bouncy castle. And, you can now text 911.

Mobile usage is increasing in-store, and leading to sales. Applebee's has a chat app for you to make friends with other diners. Birds Eye created a popup shop where you pay for your food with Instagram pics. Square Feedback allows you to speak directly with merchants at POS. And, Foursquare debuted Swarm - splitting their platform into two distinct apps. Share some songs with your friends nearby with these new headphones.

Also, Flappy Bird is coming back.