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We endured April Fool's this week. I'm just going to pretend everything was real and continue typing...

For those of you that iron everything, iron your undies. Then ride the second avenue Uber subway. Or use the Pokemap and catch 'em all along the way. Then check your gmail, after installing the shelfie theme. After a morning like that, you deserve an award... an award worthy of an award.

#jokes. (Those weren't real.) The following are questionable at best: Burger King has a guilty pleasure motel; Toms has teamed up with Uber to offer rides; EDM-inspired perfume exists; Airbrb for desk space does too (note: a real version of this exists).

This one's no joke; it's just awesome: OKCupid blocked the Mozilla browser because they disagree with the CEO's POV. And Eat24 told Facebook to eat it after changing the algorithm again. Also, Twitter Music got whacked.

Twitter has introduced photo collages, and rolled out "in-line" video - making videos easier to watch in-stream. Vine introduced messages. Linkedin has a new insights tool. Facebook is rolling out brand page redesigns, and they bought Oculus Rift.

Instagram is up to 200 million users. ⅙ of people watching TV are using social at the same time. Anonymity apps are on the rise. #stats

Foursquare is offering brands "Tap to Tweet," a post-checkin branded tweet. NPR is running voice-enabled ads. Google has an ad leaderboard, and made their 'promotions' emails look like Pinterest. Pinterest is launching "art-focused" brand pins as "native advertising." NYTimes Now launched with an emphasis on native ads. And, People magazine is allowing celebs to publish directly to their platform.

The IRS says bitcoin is property, not currency - sorry dogecoins. Square introduced peer to peer payments. Nike is hosting the first 'shoppable' Google Hangout. And Google made a deal with Luxottica to bring Google Glass to cooler brands.

Wiki fonts got a revamp. This is a pretty hand lettering tumblr and Adobe made a sweet looking installation. Spotify got a makeover, and is ½ off for college kids.

Wu Tang Clan is releasing ONE copy of the new, secret album. Billboard Real-Time Charts will go live in May, ranking music based on social chatter.

Chromecast launched Photowall. Amazon is selling its own tv box, Fire TV. Disney released a smart TV app to plan "magical" vacations. And you can calculate your TV consumption with this site, or see graphs of show's popularity.

Peeps topped doughnuts exist. And, since pigs can play video games better than a 3 yr old, you should become a vegan #logic #nope #bacon. Bon Appetit magazine and AmazonFresh have partnered. And, this is an awesome food video.

Last week, Taco Bell inferred that McDonald's loves their new breakfast menu. So McDonald's is giving away free coffee. And this guy got a receipt from the golden arches tat'd up on his arm. (Fun fact: McDonald's makes 2x the amount Burger King does.) Related: Taco Bell deployed Breakfast Phones to fans, giving them the chance to complete missions for the chance to get a year of free breakfast.

Two #NSFW (jk they are) items: Light's On/ Light's Off and PornHub ads.

Also, it's finally warm; check out Songza's weather playlists.

You didn't have to read any of this; here's a synopsis of the whole industry.

And here's how you should spend your weekend, you lil DJ you.