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Weed has been rebranded for the masses. Hungry? Build your own (delivery) pizza. Just don't eat too many gummy vitamins (you know you've been tempted...). Or, if you want to completely lose your appetite, check out Purina's Cat Cafe or this vegetable ice cream. More food news: A&W debuted a super-long, unusable hashtag to appeal to millennials and sell Texas toast sammies. And Doritos will start selling 'Mystery' Flavors (remember AirHead's 'white' flavor?) Will Test Consumer Loyalty.

Want to navigate NYC like a New Yorker; know what's up in each neighborhood. Upworthy knew about FOMO before we did. Burt's Bees' new campaign is focused around calendar integration.

Ads on ads: Reddit introduced location-targeted posts. Facebook created an audience segment for targeted World Cup ads. LinkedIn launched a Sponsored Updates API and a Content Partners program. AOL is rolling out a native, mobile ad product, that is already seeing hiring conversion rates than banners. Mobile ads are coming to Facebook. Are you sensing a pattern yet? New Sync ad tech will feature ads on dual screens so you can't miss them. (Luckily these folks are creating a way for us to skip IRL digital ads.)

Remember that Wu-Tang album that was going to be auctioned off for an insane amount of money? It's got a Kickstarter now. In other music news, Doge has a record label. Such sounds. Much wow. This electronic duo created a site for their new album to visualize all the notes used in each song. And there's an app that allows festival goers to create a virtual reality world based on their musical experience.

These vinyl records seek to show you how quickly we could lose Tigers by deteriorating. WWF is using SnapChat to keep animals alive, timed to Earth Day. And, Social media is keeping skywriting alive. General Mills killed (ok, waived) consumer rights on social. And Apple is going to save the world with a patent to end texting and driving.

New Zealand retailer created Colourmatic to tell you what color you should be wearing. If luxury brands were available at the grocery story, this is what they would look like. Twitter profiles got a new getup. And so did the Golden Arches' favorite clown (his creepy face and dated hair stayed the same though.)

Fact: Tumblr sees more social TV action than Twitter. Check out HBO's Silicon Valley mock site. Watch this: cute stop motion video. And watch this: Vans' new "how to do everything" videos. Also, take a stand against vertical video with Google. And then scroll. And then point.

Mazda reimagined the Instagram gridview to host a 4 month long virtual road trip. (Statigram was renamed.)

Facebook has introduced a newswire service. Speaking of which, BREAKING NEWS: According to Adobe (and intense, super scientific, mind-blowing research), Friday's are the most engaging time on social.

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