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In the future, this is what an American will look like (and here's how they die). While we're on the subject of being attractive... Holy Cute: sleeping otter and bathing bunny. And questionable cute: #tbt celebs (remember Aaron Carter in the Shaq days?). Not cute: Selfeed.

Bentley got eco-friendly with a hybrid; so chic. This tech solution ensures your motorcycle doesn't get jacked... for those of you with motorcycles. Coke invented the most unnecessary thing ever: Freestyle soda. There's a Mary Jane vending machine. Glass toasters exist, finally. You can buy And here's how to hack an Oreo.

The Most Interesting Man is checking in. You can find Facebook friends nearby; high-five the internet; kittens in couture; #creepy.

This album plays for free as long as you're moving the phone. The new iOS8 will have a Shazam-based song recognition app.

Marketers are capitalizing on (neon, sweaty) festival-going teens, who love iPhones. Fact: digital ads are most valuable to Millennials.

The Government is offering to Google things for you. The UN is using iBeacons to exhibit what mines are like. And this AntiBullying video gets shorter with every share.

Online video: AOL is getting in on the "trend;" NBC is producing custom video for ad dollars. YouTube is promoting its content channel via traditional media. And then there's this video for Footlocker + Adidas "No Rings" spot that is awesome (fact, not opinion).

Twitter rolled out mobile app install ads. And, since 75% of Twitter's traffic is based on mobile, they are making acquisitions for mobile ads too. Speaking of stats, here's some on the most 'social-savvy' brands.

Conde Nast is selling its fashion photos to bloggers. (Here's everything you hate about Photoshop.) And, Alexander Wang announced their collaboration with H&M via Instagram.

Whatever your week was like, it was better than this airline's. For the weekend, I'll leave you with something to watch: Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, and NBA Stars Live-Read Space Jam, and something to eat: Pizza Cake. (Don't you wish there was a TL;DR version of Clicks? Too bad, there isn't one bc this is TL;DR of the internet... but there is one of Wikipedia)