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This week, I discovered

Speaking of cats, Buzzfeed and Facebook are hosting their own White House Correspondents Dinner. Remember Facebook emails (that nobody used)? Well, they also have voice calls, which are being updated if you care. Facebook also revamped its right rail ads, and Twitter introduced a new profile page look.

Instagram has topped Facebook as the preferred social network amongst teens. (I'm sure the selfie-obsessed will love that Facebook facial recognition works from the side now too. #goodside) Related: Glamour premiered a new beauty site.

Just an FYI: Millennials love UGC. Basic Bitches are real. And, this is your brain on engineering.

YouTube is holding first place for social network with the highest engagement rate. (Watch AT&True Detective.) Fox is using Google Glass to promote 'Walter Mitty.' CNN is launching "15 Second Morning" to broadcast news on social. The Sunday Times released a single shot video for the revamped Culture section.

Colbert is going to be the next host of the Late Show, and Drake is hosting the ESPYs --prepare yourself for a lot of cloud memes.

Drinks that are sponsoring things: Heineken + Coachella = SnapChat. Pepsi + World Cup = choose your own adventure.

You can now book a hotel via Google Maps; perhaps you'll go to Marseilles after going on this Night Tour. Or chose your next destination from the International Space Center.

Condoleezza Rice is Dropbox's newest board member. And Dropbox released Carousel, a new photo/video sharing platform. You can also search Yelp w emojis now. Speaking of searching, can you find the kitchen in this classified section?

Ridiculous things: France made it illegal to answer emails after 6PM (jk). Mean popsicle (gif) 'jokes.' A continuous floor.... ooo0oahhhhh.

Cool things: Corkboard stop motion. Lots of Donuts. SoCo's contest that earns you a 'mug of your mug.' Solar-powered DJ booths.

Oh, and in case you're wondering... this is where social be in 5-10 years.

If you take a cab this weekend, use this protip and pretend you're in an Uber. (Another protip: change your social passwords.)