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Watch this ad; by Monday you'll all own a dog. (And then you can participate in animal v. furniture.)

SXSWi has begun. Follow along with the conversation (all original thoughts...) or just use my helpful guide: Eat. Do. Recharge. (Seriously, click those. They involve the new #cronut, Mario Kart and bars without long lines; you're welcome.)

Meanwhile, in the real world, a "selfie" swept the nation at the Oscars - breaking Twitter (which had the same size audience as the actual broadcaster, ABC). Missed it? Relive the moment as part of it. Well-played Samsung.

Social is infiltrating fashion. Tinder, which sees 750K swipes a day, was the model for a Fashion Week app. A new site allows you to buy what you see on Instagram. Sephora's new mobile campaign connects loyal customers via Instagram photos, with an in-app purchase option.

And, Kenneth Cole is the first to use Google Glass in their marketing - encouraging men to do "good." Speaking of... Reddit is giving 10% of its ad rev to charity. And, Kickstarter has seen 1 billion in pledges made. Getty Images is giving away their library for free. (Check out that non-watermarked baby!)

TIME debuted their new snowfall 'native advertising.' Flipboard acquired Zite from CNN. VICE News launched (humble brag). Oh, and ad spend for video content is moving online based on viewing patterns (duh).

Apple has created a custom tumblr - different from their editorialized commercial content- for the iPhone 5c. A new tablet will use sound waves to allow users to "feel" textures. And this concept project, would turn stickies into flash drives.

Do you know your international cities? In the UK, one car is being purchased every minute on ebay, mostly BMWs. The Dutch are asking Porsche owners to trade in their model before the new car is even unveiled. Not in the market for a real car? Grab a Dave Matthews Band poster van. It's as cool as Lunchables for grownups.

That's all. Make fun of our #conferencetweets here.