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March Madness has started, which means #brackets. Introducing Bodega Cats and Doge Madness. Also, Doge grammar. Obama is also using brackets, and GIFs, to promote healthcare.

Playstation is debuting original content called "Powers" and Adult Swim is premiering a new episode via 100 instagram videos.

Sonos has been dubbed the "Google for music." Skrillex debuted a new albumvia an app. And this band is asking people to stream music to pay for their tour.

Tesla's newest ad was made by college students. Pinterest launched a "Gift Feed," making the site more profitable for retail brands. Yahoo introduced new "motion ads." And Tumblr + Viacom have teamed up for co-branded ads, starting with ones for MTV.

Google and Facebook lead in terms of mobile ad spend dollars. Facebook has created a new programming language called Hack. Proving that there is no such thing as a free lunch, they are giving all of their employees a three hour exam. Also, Facebook + Ted have partnered to premiere exclusive Paper content.

The NYTimes travel reporters are now tour guides. The New Museum is incubating artists focused on tech. A virtual line is forming for the new fashion + art Uniqlo in NYC. And there's a giant, floating Chrome web browser outside of a TED conference.

Karl Lagerfeld created fashionable emojis; you can make and download your own font; and Google introduced an android watch. Some things got prettier this week: Reddit's AMAs (check out VICE's Shane Smith) and Lay's logo. Something that's not pretty: this 'water bear.'

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight launched with ESPN. Adidas launched #fastorfail, where you can race for tickets to the World Cup. And the NBA will look a lil more like soccer in terms of player branding in 5 years. #sports

Looking for a job? Here's the Tinder of career hunting, or you can take a ride on Delta's new Innovation Class flights for some high-level networking. Make sure to pack your iPad, soon equipped with Office.

It's Friday; go to your local Starbucks and have a drink - and buy it with your hotel room key. Hungry? Make all your burger fantasies come true.

Just for fun: Do you remember what your first tweet was? Was it cooler than these brands?